Self Inking 4750 Dater 41 x 24mm

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Trodat Dater 4750 Printy Custom Self-Inking Rubber Stamp 41 x 24mm.

Ideal date stamp for the home or office!

The self-inking Printy 4750 has a maximum text plate size of 41 x 24 mm, you can put your desired text on one line above the date and one line below the date.

The date, with a font height of 4 mm, prints the day, month (in letters) and year. 12 consecutive years can be set on the annual band.

The positioning frame ensures maximum precision when aligning the stamp imprint.

The integrated ink pad can be exchanged easily and cleanly. Matching replacement cushions are available in two colors: 6/4750/2 blue / red or single color: 6/4750 in the 5 standard colors black, blue, red, green and violet.

As standard, production is made with the greatest possible proportion of recycled plastic and only the inevitable CO2 footprint is compensated for by investments in climate protection projects recommended by the WWF.

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