Self Inking 4912 Printy 47 x 18mm

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Trodat Printy 4912 Custom Self-Inking Rubber Stamp 47 x 18mm.

The popular self-inking Printy is ideal for short individual texts of up to 4 lines, or short messages on one or two lines in bold or in capital letters.

Printy 4912 text stamp has a maximum text plate size of 47 x 18 mm and is ideal as a name and address stamp.

Practical ideas: for stamping letters and envelopes, notifying you of your new address after moving or for badging children's exercise books. Also as a signature stamp (import as a logo) with your name. The application possibilities are diverse!

The transparent panoramic window ensures a perfect, crystal-clear view when positioning the impression and maximum precision when aligning. Replacing the built-in cushion is easy and clean thanks to the two grip zones.

Matching replacement pads 6/4912 are available in the 5 standard colors - black, blue, red, green and purple.

As a standard, the Printy is produced in a climate-neutral manner with the greatest possible proportion of recycled plastic and only the unavoidable CO2 footprint is compensated by investing in climate protection projects recommended by the WWF.